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Port Townsend 
Psychedelic Society


  • Offering peer support groups (for integration, recovery, grief, and others

  • Setting up and staffing a psychedelic peer support tent at local festivals

  • Growing our community through potlucks and other connective events

  • Finding ways to be of service to our community and support local businesses

  • Tending to our relationships in community, with people, food, and land

  • Building alliances with other organizations


  • How to use psychedelics safely, responsibly, and with integrity

  • Sharing trusted information on the healing potentials of psychedelics

  • Offering classes/trainings such as on peer support, cultivation, and microdosing

  • Hosting other symposiums, workshops, and talks on special topics 

  • Creating curriculums and educational materials

  • Next goal is to create a public health educational campaign 


  • ​Advocating for decriminalization and grow, gift, gather models to ensure equitable access

  • Working to protect community based practices, rather than limiting access only to therapeutic or medical models.

  • Successfully worked to pass three resolutions supporting decriminalization of entheogens: Jefferson County Board of Health (passed Jul. 2021), Port Townsend City Council (passed Dec. 2021), and Jefferson County Board of Commissioners (passed May 2023, first in the country)

Our Purpose

Port Townsend Psychedelic Society aims to cultivate appreciation and respect for entheogens and their healing potentials within our community. We support decriminalization, a grow-gift-gather approach, and are committed to ensuring these medicines are equitably accessible. We seek to educate and empower our community members to engage with psychedelics in safe, respectful, and effective ways. We believe entheogens can help us cultivate a healthier community of individuals connected with themselves, one another, the more than human world, and spiritual well-being. 

Forest Path
Forest Aerial View

Land Acknowledgement

The Port Townsend Psychedelic Society acknowledges that the city of Port Townsend and eastern Jefferson County, Washington lie on the traditional land of the Chimacum people. Jefferson County, which spreads west across the Olympic Peninsula to the Pacific Ocean, covers land that belonged to numerous other native populations, including S’Klallam, Quileute, Queets, and ChalAt’i’lo t’sikAti (Chalat’).


We acknowledge the longer history of our location here and recognize that these lands and waters had significance, and continue to have significance, for these peoples. We strive to enrich ourselves by learning from native groups about their relationships to these places. It is our desire to show our gratitude for them by supporting Indigenous people in any way that we can.


Learn more here and find a map of this area at Native Land Digital.

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