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The Fifth Step in Safe and Responsible Use is Integration.

Integration begins the process of meaning-making for an individual as they consider the reflections and insights of the entheogenic experience, and provides an opportunity to consider how the insights relate to one’s life before implementing any actions. It is generally recommended to seek peaceful and nurturing activities especially during the first 48-72 hours after an entheogenic experience, reducing external stimulus and information which can overwhelm or sidetrack from what one experienced. We also advise

pausing and reflecting within one’s community support system for a few weeks before finalizing any major life decisions.


The meaning-making process can be aided by a community of peers to encourage discernment, reflections, discourse, and constructive feedback. The Port Townsend Psychedelic Society hosts a monthly integration circle specifically for this purpose and to strengthen the community network that ultimately provides further support to the individuals that compose it.


The methods of integration are as varied as the methods of the trained facilitators, but may include some of the following:

1.  Giving yourself plenty of time to relax, sleep, meditate, take long walks in nature, stretch, takes baths, play or listen to music, do gentle yoga, swim, and/or exercise in whatever ways resonate with you.

2.  Continue healthy, clean eating for several days after your experience, introducing other foods back in slowly and being mindful about what you return to eating.

3.  Sharing your experience with a few close and supportive friends.

4.  Participating in a community integration group.

5.  Creating art or journaling about your experience.

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