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Safe & Responsible Use

Below we provide an 8-Step framework for empowering individuals in our community to engage in meaningful, safe, responsible, and respectful ways with these plants and fungi. Through the following eight steps - especially when supported via a deliberate collaboration among government, non-profits, community organizations, and community members - we can create the needed pathways for safe, responsible, and healthy use amongst adults.

1. Information

Before partaking in entheogenic healing, a review of information on the plant/fungi that you will be building a relationship with during this practice is essential. Each entheogen has different protocols, unique wisdom, varying durations, and pre/post care practices that should be considered when deciding which entheogen may best support your healing process. 

2. Education

Education is key to making informed decisions. Before partaking, one should have an understanding of potential risks, affects, and usage of each plant/fungi.

We offer various educational materials, workshops, and curriculum to enable those with little to no experience with these plants and fungi to become informed about their powerful effects, and their safe and responsible use.

3. Preparation

Many individuals and organizations have been working for decades to understand and teach effective ways to prepare the users for the experiences created by the entheogenic plants and fungi, not to mention the millennia of historical use. Locally, we also have a rich resource of community members and facilitators who have studied or are currently studying effective ways of assisting individuals in their preparation..

4. Application

Once the educational material and concepts have been made available and the individual has chosen their path to preparation, among the many different methods and facilitators available, the individual can then make an informed choice about the type of entheogen they believe is best for them, and the most effective way for them to approach it. 

5. Integration

Integration begins the process of meaning-making for an individual as they consider the reflections and insights of the entheogenic experience, and provides an opportunity to consider how the insights relate to one’s life before implementing any actions.

6. Implementation

Implementation refers to the process by which the material accessed and insights gained in an entheogenic experience are incorporated over time into one’s life in a way that benefits the individual and their community. While entheogens open up the mind to what is possible, long term transformation occurs through the choices one makes every day on how to live a healthy and joyful life after one’s peak experience. 


7. Reciprocity

The concept of reciprocity is a part of a long history of spiritual traditions and is widely encouraged within psychedelic communities. Reciprocity is the act of reaffirming the decision to live intentionally, compassionately, and healthily through service to one’s larger community.

8. Sustainability

We seek to create a culture of sustainability surrounding the use, harvesting, and cultivation of the sacred plant medicines. 

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