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How Can I Help? 

Thank you for asking! Given we all have different strengths and passions, we've listed a variety of ways you can help below. Before diving in, however, we highly recommend reading through our website, especially the FAQ page. We want to make sure our message is clear and focused.  


Sign Up for Our Newsletter

And encourage friends to do the same! We share updates and upcoming events through this communication channel. You can also find and like us on Facebook under Port Townsend Psychedelic Society and follow us on Instagram under porttownsendpsychedelicsociety. 

Attend City Council and County Commissioner Meetings

Near the beginning of each meeting, there is an opportunity for public comments during which each person who wants to speak receives three minutes to do so (occasionally shortened to two if there are too many people in one session). We, unfortunately, cannot attend every meeting and it really helps for our city and county officials to be hearing regularly about this issue and learning that many people care about it. They are our representatives and do their best to represent our voices in their decisions - so we need to make our voices heard so that passing this resolution becomes easy for them. 


They've shared that it is more effective if supporters show up spread over various meetings, as opposed to us all showing up in one meeting so that they hear from us consistently and so that there is more time for people to speak. That said, if there are every any particular meetings during which attendance is especially important (even if you don't speak), we will announce those in advance via the newsletter.


So, if you feel inspired to speak aloud about these things, bring yourself and/or a few friends to one of the following meetings:

City Council Meeting​

1st and 3rd Mondays at 6:30pm
City Hall Council Chambers

540 Water Street 2nd Floor

Board of Commissioner's Meeting 

First 4 Mondays of every month at 9:00am (except on holidays, in which case the meeting moves to the same time on Tuesday)
The Commissioners' Chambers, in the basement of the County Courthouse
1820 Jefferson St, Port Townsend, WA 98368
We will be officially presenting the resolution to the County Commissioners. Another essential time to present a 3 min speech 

You might also find it informative to first watch the Oakland city council meeting in which the Decriminalize Nature resolution passed:

Write Letters

Not into public speaking or writing is a passion of yours? Writing letters to the county commissioners and city council is just as effective as showing up in person. Don't let the pressure to write a masterpiece hold you back. Feel free to draw from our website, suggested ideas list below, and our FAQ, even word for word. While it's wonderful if you write things in your own words, add further reasons for passing the resolution, and/or share your personal stories, the most important thing is that our officials know you care and support this resolution. Copying and pasting certain parts shows them what you care most about and helps immensely.

You can either email them or drop off/mail a letter to the following:

Port Townsend City Council


Mail Letters to (or drop off at): City Hall, 250 Madison Street, Port Townsend 98368.

Jefferson County Commissioners


Mail Letters to (or drop off at): P.O. Box 1220, Port Townsend, WA 98368

Or, write a Letter to the Editor to our local newspaper, The Leader