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Committee Descriptions

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Integration Committee

  • Bringing insight from psychedelic experiences into our daily actions and relationships

  • Tending education and community practices that support individual and community integration

  •  Offering a monthly community Integration Circle

Veteran Family

Veteran Outreach

  • Building relationships with local and national veteran groups and organizations

  •  Engaging with veterans in the area to provide education around the benefits of entheogens for PTSD

  •  Offering workshops on mindfulness and psychedelics for veterans

Hands Up

Peer Support

  • Growing our community’s capacity to support and hold space for one another during psychedelic experiences

  •  Setting up and staffing a peer support tent at various local events to support anyone who finds themselves having a challenging experience

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Alissa Rose

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Natural Serum


  • Offering education on the potential benefits and uses of microdosing

  •  Hosting a microdosing support group and connection network

  •  Compiling best resources for those seeking to try microdosing

  •  Offering occasional microdosing workshops

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Community Ethics

  • Advocating for responsible and equitable community-based practices

  •  Taking action around social justice in psychedelic spaces

  •  Establishing and maintaining community guidelines and ethics

  •  Empowering individuals to find or create supportive settings for themselves


Psychedelics & Recovery

  • Exploring how entheogens can support individuals on their recovery paths, particularly when combined with community support

  • Providing support around pairing entheognes with other healing modalities, such as 12 Step programs

  • Partnering with Recovery Cafe to build relationship between our two organizations and provide psychedelic integration support and integration for those in recovery. 

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